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Homeopathy Training Course

We offer a three-year, part-time training course in homeopathy and related therapies, including herbal tinctures, flower essences and nutritional support. The course takes place over ten weekends a year, with an evening tutorial meeting between the weekends and additional home study.

Our course is unique in a number of ways:

  • We have no formal exams. Instead, we have a student-friendly self-assessment programme.
  • We encourage you to practice what you learn, while you learn. We believe you learn best through experience, not just through the accumulation of knowledge.
  • We have regional tutors to help and support you with your learning and your cases.
  • We have a maximum of twenty students in any group to ensure individual attention.
  • We balance 'inner' development with 'outer' learning, as the process of becoming a healer is just as important as learning the material.
  • We help you to develop an understanding and awareness of the human energy system in place of the biomedical model.
  • We have open feedback channels and we encourage regular student feedback on how we can improve our training.
  • We encourage an open-minded, non-dogmatic approach to homeopathy and healing, recognising that each student has individual interests and skills.
  • We recognise the importance of the practitioner-patient relationship, and help students to develop good practitioner and interpersonal skills.

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"The homœopaths of the future will not be ‘unprejudiced observers’. They will be self-aware participants in the magical interaction that occurs between practitioner, patient and remedy. Furthermore, they will no longer rely only on that which can be perceived ‘objectively’ with the senses. They will learn to fine-tune their inner faculties, and practice with confidence and accuracy based on their understanding of energy."
Ian Watson

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